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Wednesday tip of the day!!! This tip has changed many many businesses and even is used by several leaders in the…

Posted by Lisa Kaye Fuller on Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wednesday tip of the day!!! This tip has changed many many businesses and even is used by several leaders in the company not even on our team!! This tip was made possible from my amazing Triple Diamond Jodi Buschur who has taught me how to have the perfect party and several others! Thanks Jodi!!

Let’s start at the beginning! I like to give a free facial away at every party! Why because our facial is AMAZING and once GUESTS see what it does on just one person they will be ordering it! I even sometimes put one on the hostess before the guests arrive so she can answer the door in it!! It lightens the mood, makes people laugh, and 9 times out of 10 sometime else will ask to try one which means more money in your pocket!

Give each guest a clip board with a customer order form, a distributor order form, a steps to success sheet, and a party pad! You can also give them a product pamphlet but it’s not a must if your starting out and low in funds! When you are able to get them I highly recommend so they can take it with them if they sign as a customer so they can look it over at home to see what they want next month!

Okay So the first thing that happens it’s the host of the part answers the door, takes her guest to the sign in table, has them sign in….. name and phone number, asks them if they are wrapping today, then tells them to put their$25 in the money jar, and last but not least hands them the wrap to take into the wrap room (remember yesterday’s tip if they touch it it’s mentally something they want)! She then bring the guest with their wrap in hand along with their clip board to me in the wrap room! I introduce myself and ask them what they are wrapping! I then tell them that I want them to start thinking about what their 90 day health goals are! This gets them talking and thinking. I take mental notes as they talk! After I wrap them I pick up their clip board and tell them that there is a customer order form on it as well as a distributor form and they are to bring this back with them when they unwrap so that I can help them figure out which form they will be filling out today! I repeat this same process with every person!

Once everyone is wrapped we go to the living room or kitchen table! I thank everyone for coming then thank the hostess for having me! I mention that the hostess actually had the option today to turn this into her launch party and anything that happens tonight will go under her! This does two things, 1) it gets the host now thinking about it and 2) it shows the guests that if they decide to host a party we could do the same for them as well!

I then ask if they like games! I tell everyone I have a game right now to kick things off and the winner will get a week’s worth of greens on the go! I ask everyone to pull out their phone and go to Facebook! I ask them to find me and the host of the party on Facebook and request us as friends! Then we accept and I tell them to go to their Facebook page and simply write “Trying that CRAZY WRAP THING !!” And tag myself and the host in it! At the end of the party we will check to see whoever has the most comments and likes will win the greens! It’s an easy game and it shows your guests that they already know people interested if they choose to sign!

I then tell them to pull out the steps to success sheet and then tell them we are going to play one more game! I tell them the winner of this game will get a free facial! I explain that as I go through the products I want them to fill the four lines in with names of people that could benefit from one of our products and when I talk about the business to write in three names of anyone they think could use the extra income! Who ever has their sheet completed at the end of the party, their name will go in the free facial drawing! This game also shows your guest that they already know people to approach if they were to sign and at the very least it will show you who should start as a customer!

I then start the party and stick to the party pad notes! It it’s so important your actual presentation lasts no more then 30 min! If you say to much you will confuse people and they will want to think about it! The trick is to stick to the party pad and once you get them in as a customer or distributor you feed them more info a little at a time!

Last but not least book more parties! I offer anyone that books a party with me tonight will get a special gift the night of their party! Don’t give them the gift then…only when they have the actual party!!! People love games and incentives!!

So there you have it!! Between yesterday’s tip and today’s you have a simple, fun, consistent, perfect party! Have an amazing Wednesday!! :-

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